The last three years all come down to the next two weeks…

  • May 20, 2017
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Breaking Through Degree Show 2017 at Plymouth College of Art The last few weeks at the Painting, Drawing and Printmaking studio at PCA have been crammed with student and student/staff meetings. Last Tuesday was the final day to 'get your stuff out of here' before the de-install properly commenced. It was both frenetic and flustered. But we did it. I had amassed a fair bit of stuff in addition to what you'd expect in a painting, drawing and printmaking studio: noteworthy oddities included an unopened bottle of Fairy liquid, a 5-kilo bag of play sand and half a bottle of vegetable oil...I do not jest. I shifted out my treasure chest of graduate oils, a hundred paint brushes, a barrel of of Zest-it non-toxic paint thinner and took down my little 'cell' (as my Programme Leader, Dr. Stephen Felminghmam aptly named it) Friday 19th May was a day of professional practice as we shared our 10-minute presentations with our peers and Stephen Felmingham and Majella Clancy. Tomorrow, my team, Curation, begin to set out the plan: erect walls, paint walls and start installing our colleagues' works.

Oh, and June the 1st is the hand-in for all work for the degree show. It's going to be a busy week!